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Forced Induction Infatuation!


The S2000 is a fantastic car but really needs more power.

We believe in balance.

 Even though the S2000 has the potential to make massive amounts of power, we believe in perfect balance .

The LHT Turbo Package is designed to give the S2000 lots of low end power and torque, It's designed to be a package that can be reversed with no adverse effects . The kits built to be as close to an OEM reliable package with the lest compromise as possible while making the S2000 a blast to drive. More  power with a peak torque around 4500rpms

Keeping it fast and clean.

We want the car to remain as OEM as possible, we keep the exhaust system, emissions , catalytic convertor and MPG stock.

Awaiting CARB #

Not Available in California

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