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This is the best Oil Filter tool for your S2000. Period.


It's the hard to find OEM S2000 Oil Filter Wrench, shown in the Honda Shop Manual


This fits the OEM Oil Filter that's designed for your S2000. ( Larger size Oil filter)


This fits Honda Part Numbers


15400-PL2-505 - Original

15400 -PCX-306 - Superseded


This not only fits the Oil perfectly and allows for no hassle removal.


Get the OEM S2000 Filter


It allows you to tighten the oil fits to Hondas specs.


We only use Honda OEM Oil Filters for S2000s


This is the only Oil Filter tool you need for your S2000 !


In the How to video, we show how easy this to use.


Get the OEM S2000 Filter too




S2000 OIL Filter Tool