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The is the LHT Flywheel of choice. Tested and proven on many of LHT custom builds and customers cars with very little compromise.


Every modification has a trade off, usually flywheels allow the RPMs to climb faster, but the they fall faster. The lighter Flywheel will comprimise driveabilty and often Idle quality. It can also cause stalling.

While spirited driving  with a light flywheel is great, it can become annoying with every day driving.


This in best choice with the least compromise.


 This is the stock flywheel from the AP1 S2000 ( 2000-2003).


Retail Honda Price $563.23


It's the best all round choice for everyday driving and spirited use.


This flywheel fits all years 00-09 and works with any S2000 clutch kit we sell.


AP2 Flywheel ( 04 to 09 ) Weighs  21 lbs


AP1 Flywheel (00 to 03) Weighs 13.5 lbs





Our package includes:


OEM Honda AP1 Flywheel

OEM Pilot bearing installed


Add the clutch install kit here!


* Professional Installation is suggested, instructions not included*


 WARNING: California Proposition 65

S2000 OEM AP1 Flywheel