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The S2000 Gear Box is fantastic, but a little notchy, especially at lower RPMS


We've found this to make the transmission Slicker feeling.


We tried several fluids on our own S2000 and found this to be a big improvement.

Right away the tranmission slips into gear smoother with less scratchy feel and shifts faster when needed.


We offer this as an option to our customers in the shop and over several years we

 recieved great feedfack.


We now offer it in the store, You'll recieve 2 bottles which is enough to perfrom the change.


See Video :


Royal Purple SyncroMax -Pair

  • Items may be exchanged or returned within 30 days of purchase. Customer is responsible for return shipping and item must be unworn in original packaging.  

  • We ship USPS Priority with tracking number. Customer is responsible for shipping cost. International shipping not available. 

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