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This a brand OEM S2000 Oil Cap


Cap only - Tool Avaiable here  :


This Fits ALL Years S2000


Hondas 1998 to 2001


For those that are OCD about how their Engine bay looks or your factory cap was damaged from a 'Oil Change Guy ' removing it with Vice grips.


Here's the OEM Cap. We think it's the nicest Cap.


We sell what we use !


We like it so much we designed an Oil Cap Tool Based around it.


Check out the tool here :





The New OEM S2000 Oil cap Tool is available here :



This fits Honda S2000 OEM Oil Cap all years






OEM S2000 Oil Cap

  • No Returns on this item 

  • We ship USPS Priority with tracking number. Customer is responsible for shipping cost. International shipping not available. 

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