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This adapter allows you to run your MAP sensor in the factory location and read boost.


This fits all B, D and H series JRSC kits runing a Stand alone Fi system


The traditional 2 bolt MAP sensor (Stock or 4 Bar) on the is mounted on top of the throttle and only reads vacuum when installed with a JRSC supercharger 

The adpater and a vacuum hose can be routed into the Vac/Boost port on the manifold, which now read Vacuum and Boost.


The adapter includes the longer stainless mounting hardware.


You will need an extra O ring, Factory size. - Part # 16075-P07-000



1, Remove the 2 screws and  Map sensor

2, Be sure O ring is in place, install adapter ( Hole up wards)

3, Place new O ring ( Not included) and then factory map sensor on top.

4, Secure with the stainless supplied bolts and washers

5, Connect vacuum line from adapter to spare port on manifold.



 WARNING: California Proposition 65

Map Adapter- JRSC

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