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We so many times see the S2000 Rear Bumper sagging


We've many of these over the years but never produced them


This Fits ALL Years S2000


This Bar installs under the rear bumper , It prevents the rear bumper drooping.


We see this issue alot, the bumper droops and catching on tern causes it to droop more.


The plastic clips break and fall out,  this makes the problem worse.


If the clips fall out, the bumper can droop so much it can break the other mounting clips and cause spider cracking in the paint.


Even the bumpers with the clips in place often have drooping bumpers.


One you see it, it becomes very noticeable.


This bar mounts on the outside of the bumper and includes 2 stainless Allen Fasteners that pull the bumper into shape.


The Bar is Billet CNC 6061 Aluminum Anodised black .


It includes 2 stainless Allen Fasters and stainless Lock nuts.




Remove the 2 plastic Clips with a flat blade screw driver.


Install the Bar on the outside.


The Fastener will go through the bumper and through the metal tab, the lock nut will go on the inside.


You will need a 5mm Allen Key and a 13mm wrench.











LHT S2000 Bumper Brace

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  • We ship USPS Priority with tracking number. Customer is responsible for shipping cost. International shipping not available. 

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