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This Throttle body package is designed especially for the Jackson Racing supercharger.


It fits perfectly with the LHT Intercooler manifold


Perfect fitment and clearance so the cable doesn't interfer with the hood or the manifold. It gives correct linear throttle control and full operation.

It pulls the throttle cable from the passenger side and makes a clean loop into the  factory location.

This package has been tested and perfected.


LHT OEM Style 70mm Throttle body - No sitcking

OEM Throttle Cable modified to fit correctly

 LHT Billet aluminum Throttle Brack anodize black

4 x Allen bolts

1 x 70mm Gasket

2 x 6mmstainless bolts for bracket.


It's fits B Series Vtec JRSC kits.


It's the perfect addtion to the LHT Intercooler manifold and Billet 'S' Tube 

LHT 70mm Throttle Body Package JRSC

SKU: LHT 70mm TB
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