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Finally the JRSC Pulley Combo that ends belt and slipping issues.




This includes a pair of LHT / GripTec pulleys for the Jackson supercharger kit.


Tested ,designed and made in the USA


This fits the B series VTEC Kits only. 


These are designed to use with the ITR / B16A Crank pulley for maximum safe Blower speeds upto  8800rpms.

This is the most common crank pulley that not only is the best balanced OEM Pulley, it has the lowest mass for quicker RPM accelaration.

*Use of large crank pulleys will over spin the Alternator and Supercharger.*


This is the most amazing pulley combo we've tested. With 25+ years of supercharger and serpentine belt experience, this is a game changer and we're excited to share it!


We we're the first to crack 300whp with the JRSC on a B series engine, runing pump gas. The problem was belt traction.

Typically to run more boost you run a smaller pulley on the Supercharger and a larger pulley on the Crank. First problem is the amount of tension needed for belt traction, this not only wears the belt extremely fast, if puts massive side load on the supercharger., and we've broken many superchargers to figure out the limits.

Now these supercharger kits are hard to come by, so protecting it is even more important! 


This pulley combo runs the least of amount of belt tension, while running the supercharger within it's safe limits.


Engine RPM can't exceed 8800rpms


Belt slipping issues are a thing of the past!


This includes:


1-Double Pulley for the Alternator

1 -Blower pulley with stainless hub


Belts not included.


Recommend Belt sizing:


 B16A  Upper belt   4PK639 ( Alternator to Blower)

              Lower Belt 4PK0840 ( Crank to Alternator )


 B18C  Upper belt  4PK650 ( Alternator to Blower)