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This is the Best Head Lamp we've ever used !


After using these in the shop daily for many Months, I decided we had to offer them.


We tested a bunch of these as so many look a like.. We've tried them all


I think there's a bunch out there that are a copy of a copy. We had a batch of these that were terrible and we couldn't sell them.

We found a supplier and these are consistant.


I wanted to test it and use it before offering them, and we love them !


This is one of the most useful tools we use, and we use almost daily.


The Wave Function:


Hit the lighting bolt button for touch less on and off function.


Just wave your hand to turn this on or off


The fits your head comfatable and adjustable for different sizes. The main light has alot of output with no shadows.It lights up the whole engine bay. They are not heavy on your head and have a long battery life.


I am amazed how bright  and light weight these are.



Charge time is around 3 hours.


There's a bunch of these on the market and I can't speak for all of them.


We sell what we use and we use this.


There have very simple and useable modes.


Main strip light :

100%  350 lumins 2.5 hours

50%   150 lumins 5 hours


Side spot light:

100% 150 lumins 4 hours

40% lumins 60 lumins 8 hours


If it does have a flash feature ( I havn't found it , and don't need it)


These come with a USB-C charging cord and I will test each one before shipping.


We sell what we use .




 WARNING: California Proposition 65






The BEST Head Band Light

  • These are not availble for return or exchange. 

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