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Finally the JRSC H22 Pulley Combo that ends belt and slipping issues.


Choose Stock Boost or 3 psi Increase.


 The Tiny Pulleys have always been an issue with the JRSC H22 Kit.


This includes 3  LHT / GripTec pulleys for the H22 Jackson supercharger kit.


Tested ,designed and made in the USA


This fits the H22 VTEC Kits only. 


These are designed to use with the Factory Crank pulley for maximum safe Blower speeds .



*Use of large crank pulleys will over spin the Alternator and Supercharger.*


We've noticed a slight boost increase with stock size pulleys as there's zero Slip.


This is the most amazing pulley combo we've tested. With 25+ years of supercharger and serpentine belt experience, this is a game changer and we're excited to share it!


We we're the first to crack 310whp with the JRSC on a H22 engine, runing pump gas, but the problem was belt traction.

Typically to run more boost you run a smaller pulley on the Supercharger and a larger pulley on the Crank. First problem is the amount of tension needed for belt traction, this not only wears the belt extremely fast, if puts massive side load on the supercharger., and we've broken many superchargers to figure out the limits.

Now these supercharger kits are hard to come by, so protecting it is even more important! 


This pulley combo runs the least of amount of belt tension, while running the supercharger within it's safe limits.




Belt slipping issues are a thing of the past!


This includes:


1- Super Charge pulley with Stainless Hub ( Stock Boost )

2- Small Pulleys for the Jack Shaft


Belts not included.


Recommend Belt sizing:


Jackson Racing Standard Belts.


Standard Pulley  availble seperatley soon. 









GripTec® Micro is a micro ablation machining process.  Our micro machining capabilities are near limitless and we apply our technology to give the target component an engineered surface design that optimizes the safest most aggressive gripping force possible.  Our multi directional machined ridges and valleys offer up more than just maximum gripping force they also act as escape ducts for trapped air and debris further helping in the mating of the target surface and belt. US Patent 9,421,637


 Belt slip is a very common issue on supercharged components.  In fact some units cranking out as much as 14-16 psi can take up to 200hp to drive.  Often the drive systems are plagued with slippage issues and builders find themselves moving to noisy cog systems, where belts have shorter life spans, are difficult to find at just any parts store and they can create more heat through the frictional movement of the cogs. 


Belt slip isn't always noticeable. Often belt slip is noticed when the system squeals, squeaks or boost falls off. Did you know that naturally the belt can slip a very small percentage even on NA vehicles, one major factor to belts wearing.  Belt wrap does play a key factor in minimizing belt movement but when it comes to driving a supercharger is hard to fully eliminate with just surface contact. .



 WARNING: California Proposition 65







H22 JRSC LHT / GripTec Pulleys

  • Items may be exchanged or returned within 30 days of purchase. Customer is responsible for return shipping and item must be unused in original packaging.  

  • We ship USPS Priority with tracking number. Customer is responsible for shipping cost. International shipping not available.

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