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So many S2000s have crooked emblems. We've seen this for years and always go by the factory service manual to install new ones.


The new Orange Fixtures are stronger and hold their shape better even in higher temps.



These are designed to fit around the OEM side marker tohelp place the OEM S2000 Emblems in the perfect position.


Line the fixture around your factory OEM Side marker, a measure from the top right edge 

of the fixture to the body line. It should be 34mm


Use the instructions in the second picture as a guide


The Side Marker light must be OEM ( will have Stanley stamped on it )



Install your new OEM Emblems. It's that easy !


This is a Left and a Right Emblem Fixture ( 1 pair ) to install S2000 Emblems


This allows you install New or Used OEM 'S2000' Emblems back on your S2000


The S2000 emblems are the same for CR and Non CR.


We have found even on non repainted S2000s the Emblems on the passenger side do not match the drivers side. The emblems are around 4mm lower. We believe these are installed at the factory slightly wrong, but not bad enough to notice.

We've also found that some AP1 cars have the lettering closer to the side marker light.


To make things as perfect as possble, weve digitally made the left and right to perfectly the same.


Our fixtures are an exact mirror of each other and will line up your S2000 Emblems correct and the spacing will be perfect.

 No more upside down S or worse, the S after the 2000. 



We also sell the OEM emblems set, seperatly. Check them out! 


Chrome OEM Emblems:


Black OEM Emblems:





Watch Video









 WARNING: California Proposition 65





* Instructions not included*

Emblem Fixtures - S2000

  • These are not availble for return or exchange. 

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