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The Drive Shaft Bolts on the 2000 to 2003 S2000 are easy to damage when trying to remove them, The shallow depth doesn't allow deep contact with a Allen tool .


We never re use the factory bolts on the 2000 to 2003 S2000s


Many times the factory bolts have to be cut out to remove them.


These reuseable and are stronger than the OEM bolts.



The LHT Kit Includes 12 bolts- Replace bolts front and back

6 Bolts , Drive shaft to transmission

6  Bolts -Driveshaft to differential 


These bolts replace the OEM Bolts that retail at $5.02 each

A complete set will cost $60.24



These are hardened ( 12.9 High strength ) replacement drive shaft bolts for the front and rear 

of the drive shaft.

They have a deeper Socket Hex for the 6mm Allen tool to get good contact , This makes it easier and safer if you have to service the transmission, drive shaft or differantial and can be re used many times.


* Keep in mind one set is enough for one car *


Order only 1 set.

S2000 Drive Shaft Bolts 2000-2003

  • These are not availble for return or exchange. 

  • We ship USPS Priority with tracking number. Customer is responsible for shipping cost. International shipping not available.

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