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The Drive Shaft Bolts on the 2000 to 2003 S2000 are easy to damage when trying to remove them, The shallow depth doesn't allow deep contact with a Allen tool .


We never re use the bolts on the 2000 to 2003 S2000s


These make a huge difference and stronger than the OEM bolts.


The LHT Kit Includes 12 bolts- Replace bolts front and back

6 Bolts , Drive shaft to transmission

6  Bolts -Driveshaft to differential 


These bolts replace the OEM Bolts that retail at $5.02 each

A complete set will cost $60.24



These are hardened ( 12.9 High strength ) replacement drive shaft bolts for the front and rear 

of the drive shaft.

They have a deeper Socket Hex for the 6mm Allen tool to get good contact , This makes it easier and safer if you have to service the transmission, drive shaft or differantial and can be re used many times.


* Keep in mind one set is enough to one car *

Drive Shaft Bolts 2000-2003

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