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NEW Brake Light Flasher

We've finished testing this New Brake Light flasher and we're happy with the quality! Like all of our products, we sell what we use. Period.  


This little device is spliced inline of your third rear brake light.


The idea is to catch the attention of the driver behind you, Hopefully, preventing a rear end collision.


When you apply the brakes, it gives 3 fast flashes, followed by a solid light. This repeats everytime you apply the brakes.


Unfortunately, some drivers are not always concentrating, this could just help to catch their attention.


Tested to be sure it's 100%


Rear end collisions are expensive. Even light ones are expensive, and the car may never be as nice as it once was.  Not to mentions some parts are hard to find.

If you're like me, I tend to keep an eye on the person behind me to see if there paying attention when I'm slowing down. If not, I change lanes.


I have one of these on all my cars. If it catches the attension of one person, it'll save you $$$$$



Simply cut and splice into the third brake light wiring. 

Remove the the third brake light,  it should have 2 wires. + and -

Find the Positive + wire. 

Cut the wire and splice in the 'Brake Light Flasher'

Be sure to wire the IN and OUT correctly. (Out goes to the light)

Use the supplied crimp connectors and then apply heat to shrink 

Continue with the black wire on the 'Brake Light Flasher'


See the video for more information.



Check local laws to make sure this unit is permitted in your area. This is for "Off Road Use' Purposes only. 



NEW Brake Light Flasher

  • There's no returns on this item due the nature of an install error.

    Each one is tested to ensure it's 100%.

    Check your local laws before purchasing

  • We ship USPS Priority with tracking number. Customer is responsible for shipping cost. International shipping not available.

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