We've been asked about OEM Lug nuts in Black.


Here ya go !!


OEM Black Lug nuts and OEM Locking Lugs.


These are for OEM wheels, they have a ball seat deisgned for the OEM wheel. Most after market sets are Cone seat ( Acorn) which are not safe for an OEM Wheel.


These OEM Lugs  are steel and  has less chance of damaging the thread for frequent wheel changes. The head is 19mm as well as the locking tool 


The is the best quality set for your OEM wheels.




This set comes with:


20 OEM Steel black lug nuts with 19mm head ( Ball Seat for OEM wheels)

4 Black OEM Locks with key 19mm head ( Ball Seat for OEM wheels)




OEM Black Full lug set with OEM Locking Kit- Honda

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