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Corvette Z06

This Corvette dyno'ed at 459whp in stock form.


We're wanted to make more power, while keeping 100% drivability that often gets lost when modifying.


With these modifications, we're basically improving air flow. The heads increase airflow and compression to almost 12 to 1. The valve guides were replaced with bronze guides and stainless exhaust valves. The Manley extreme springs and light weight retainers help with valve control, and allow for the increased lift from the LHT Custom spec cam shaft. The cam was installed and degree'd to ensure correct alignment. New ARP cam bolts were also changed at this time.


The horsepower was not the only upgrade. We changed the seats to the 2012 ZO6 seats. We ordered them with red stitching and suede inserts. These seats are a vast improvement over the earlier ones! They look much better and wrap much better on the sides.


Next was to change the wheels. We upgraded to some lightweight OZ ultraleggera hlt's in 19" and 20". We wrapped the wheels in Michelin Pilot PS2 tires, using 285's in the front, and 335's in the rear. We then lowered the car 1" to improve handling and looks. This was all done WITHOUT throwing off the factory specs, while also improving traction.


Final numbers were 587whp and is still running strong.

Corvette Z06

Ported CNC stg 2 heads

Stainless  valves

Manley springs and Titanium retainers

Custom grind cam (LHT ecs)

Comp cams trunion upgrade

ARP head bolts

ARP Crank bolt

Manley hardened push rods 7.750"

Ported throttle body

LHT Ported intake manifold

LHT Headers and mid section

LHT Tuned

Street and track proven 613whp

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