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            The LHT S2000 ,

                   Watch our YOUTUBE channel for updates

 The S2000 is such and great car, but can be Amazing !

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Below is the LHT S2000 Plan:


-Install seat lowering rail   DONE

-Full Fluid change DONE

-Replace tires- 10mm wider

-Install Coilovers - lower 20mm

-Install wheel 15mm Spacers

-Change wheel color

-Install LHT Stg 1 Brake package

-Re finish brake caliper color

-Install Hondata Flash Pro

- Before and after dyno DONE

-Install OEM Front Spoiler

- Install Clutch Masters FX300 Clutch

- Install Turbo kit- Low down torque kit

-Build LHT Titanium Dual exhaust

-Color Correction and Ceramic coat

- Change to LED bulbs

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