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The LHT Intercooler manifold

The LHT intercooler Manifold modification for the Jackson Racing  supercharger is simply the best thing you do to upgrade it's power potential and prevent heat soak.

The Roots blower in the JRSC starts to produce massive intake temps once the boost is raised anything over 6psi.

This modification doesn't affect Emissions compliance of the kit, everything remains the same, just cooler intake temps.


A B18C with minor bolt ons running 6psi - Intake Air Temp is around 135-145F

The same B18C ,the same bolt ons making 10 psi - Intake Air Temp is around 230-240F

You'll usually see the power drop back to back runs on the dyno, we've seen a car making 250whp drop 10-15whp each back to back run. The IATs continue to climb.

Not only is this limiting power, its hard on the engine and will promote detonation.

With the LHT Intercooler Modification and correctly set up heat exchanger kit, we typically see a 100F drop in IAT

( Intake Air Temp) and maintain power and safety in back to back runs.

Here's the Process:

You ship your manifold, strip all the fittings and gaskets and make sure it is clean.

It cannot be painted, powder coated or chrome plated, It must be cleaned before shipping to us.


Ship your manifold and 'S' tube in a well package box. Use bubble wrap not packing peanuts.

On a full sheet of paper include :



Shipping address:

Phone Number:

Email Address:

PayPal Address:


The cost :


B16A and B18C Manifold and 'S' Porting to 70mm is $1095

with return shipping ( USA ONLY , Lower 48 States)

B18A/B or B20 Manifold runs $1295

( requires addition modification , please include Supercharger and S tube)

D16 Manifold $1295

( requires addition modification , please include Supercharger and S tube)

H series manifold Coming soon

( With return shipping ( USA ONLY, Lower 48 States)

Your manifold is ported to maximize air flow and reduce air turbulence in the manifold. the cooling cores are added and a new plenum roof is installed to increase plenum volume by 35%. This allows the air to flow with less restriction and reduces turbulence further.

The whole thing is cleaned and looks as good as it performs.

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 LHT intercooler Pics...

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